Advocacy and Organizational Engagement

Redefining the way organisations engage. Presenting a comprehensive overview on how to design and execute effective advocacy strategies for organisations, this book challenges the way organisational engagement has been shaped until now. It provides tools for driving multilateral advocacy, where multiple actors and institutions cooperate.

For individuals, organisations and companies to be heard and have an impact, they need to cut through the noise by focusing on the quality and originality of their communications. This book analyses the development of corporate communications and advocacy management within a number of contexts, including social media, marketing influencers, public relations and corporate social responsibility.   

To challenge the traditional perceptions of communications within companies and create a holistic approach to advocacy, Lukasz M. Bochenek blends theoretical reflection with practical implementation and provides the reader with management models, strategic advice, questionnaires and tools. This makes Advocacy and Organizational Engagement a beneficial read for both scholars and practitioners working in the field of organisational development and business strategy.