Advocacy Insights & Influence

Influencing regulations and public opinion has become increasingly complex. While traditional lobbying and advocacy methods still work, in some cases the traditional wins are short-term. Long-term advocacy needs to be built on a deep understanding of the stakeholder landscape. This should include all engagement disciplines from public affairs to marketing.

Advocacy Lab is uniquely positioned to help organisations and companies navigate this complex landscape. It combines state-of-the-art research methodologies with campaign creativity. Present in all centres of European influence — Geneva (global issues and ESG), Brussels (regulatory), London (finance and media) — it is where discourse is shaped, and decisions are made.

We believe that effective advocacy requires agility and new ways of thinking.

Advocacy Lab is powered by a collective of minds from different backgrounds. Our business model provides us with the flexibility needed to tackle the most complex advocacy assignments. Our teams are tailored to the projects so you always get the best result.

Because complex issues require thought-through solutions.
By combining multi-tool, multi-channel methodologies to develop actionable insights.
Shaping the discourse to boost organisational goals.

Why choose Advocacy Lab

Influence actioned by insights

We combine state of the art research methodologies with the creativity of an advertising agency to deliver strong results.

Questioning the assumption

We make numbers count. Our approach to digital is performance based. For us, performance is supporting organisational goals, not being trapped in an echo chamber.

Going beyond the surface

We don’t develop research for the sake of data or information. We develop insights that are actionable to deliver better influence. Powered by Leidar, we understand the issues and organisational needs.

Independence for results

We use multiple qualitative and quantitative methodologies and a range of data and tool providers. Working without reseller agreements means that we are independent and free to provide advice we believe in.